Devin Castle Slovakia

Do you wish to know the mythical castle where Jules Verne set his novel " The Castle in the Carpathians "We invite you to visit on this occasion, the ruins of a fortress where you can see the River Danube and Moravia found in a landscape that drew up at the same Napoleon.
The Devin Castle is located in the region of Devin in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. He is currently working on it, part of the museum of the city that develops exhibitions in various parts of the area.

Its strategic position at 212m in height, gives the visitor, from one of his most beautiful towers - a magnificent panoramic view of the confluence of the rivers Moravia and Danube, as well as part of the Austrian territory.

Formerly, this location-coupled with the height at which he was-he gave the castle, the essential characteristics for an eminent strength.

The view from this point, allowed its successive occupants, control the main trade routes and military steps. These were established mainly along the Danube from ancient times.

In fact, the area has been inhabited since found prehistory and also have passed through it, Celts and Romans, and even the very Napoleon, who in 1809 destroyed much of the castle. The Romans, have given the complex, one of the most ancient Christian churches in Slovakia.

Today we can see the ruins at the base of the castle.

His story
Its foundation is given in the eighth century, and their participation was definitive in wars held between Moravia and France . It began as a strong call Dowina (girl in old Slavic language) and in subsequent years was expanded and renovated into a stone castle, before the thirteenth century.

The medieval castle stone was built with the aim of defending the western border of the Kingdom of Hungary and in the year 1320, was baptized under the name "Devin Castelanus." XVth century, enriched it with the addition of a palace.

Jules Verne and other stories
As I mentioned above lines, it is said, Devin has inspired the famous writer Jules Verne. The castle that Verne describes in his novel "The Castle in the Carpathians", takes its essence of this quote, although in outline, the story is located in Transylvania.


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