5 Important, Must-know Travel Tips For Successful Cheap Travels

Cheap travels is all about getting the best travel deals around. The following 5 travel tips are a great way to get started on making your vacation dollars stretch farther.

Cheap Travel Tip 1 - Shop Around
You must shop around if you want to be successful in getting the budget travel you want. Shop on the Internet or visit your local travel agents. Different travel websites, and different travel agencies often have access to various specials and sales. So be sure to shop around for these hidden travel deals. Sometimes booking accommodation directly with a hotel may be more costly than booking with a travel agent or online hotel booking agent. So be sure to check out third-party hotel booking agents for more competitive room rates!

Airlines may also offer travel packages (air tickets and accommodation). However, it is best to check the hotels and do a little research. This is because booking the air tickets and accommodation separately may actually save you some previous money. All it takes is a little of your time.

Cheap Travel Tip 2 – Picking The Right Season
Consider traveling during the off-season. The hotels that are overbooked and expensive in the high season are often available at really attractive prices once the high season is over. Off-season travel also offers the advantage of smaller crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Cheap Travel Tip 3 - Group Travel
Many airlines and hotels offer discounts to groups. So if you are traveling with your friends and family, you may be able to save some money.

Cheap Travel Tip 4 - Last-minute Travel
If you have flexible employment, you should take advantage of some fantastic last-minute deals. Cruise lines, airlines and hotels often offer discounts to avoid the expense and lost revenue of an empty cabin, airline seat or hotel bed.

Cheap Travel Tip 5 - Package Travel Deals
For many destinations, especially exotic locations, airfare tends to be expensive. So package travel deals can be significantly less expensive than making your own arrangements. Many travelers also like the safety and security of traveling with a group.
Opting for cheap travels doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice fun, excitement and adventure. There are many opportunities waiting for budget travelers who are willing to put in the time and effort to seek them out.

You can learn how to travel smart, avoid getting scammed, and what to do when things go wrong. Don't you think its time you learn how to save hundreds, perhaps even thousands, on your next trip or vacation? It's up to you to make your cheap travel or budget travels happen.

The Cape Cod National Seashore Treasure

Take a captivating trip through Massachusetts’ Cape Cod National Seashore Park. With miles of splendid white sand beaches, inspiring walks and trails, and stunning fragile dunes, the park is a remarkable geological wonder thousands of years in the making. Just keep reading and you can visit it right here...

The Cape Cod National Seashore is a 4,308-acre park 60 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts. It was set aside by an act of congress in 1961 to preserve and protect a unique geological area and wild life habitat of New England. Cape Cod was formed when the last of the great glaciers melted about 12,000-years ago leaving a large lake, which eventually drained exposing the sediment and deposits left by the glaciers from earlier times.

Nature has reshaped the whole of Cape Cod especially the Atlantic-facing National Seashore area, and it continues to this very day. But this is the place to come to escape. This is the place to come to experience nature, especially off-season. So let’s take a brief Cape Cod vacations trip together. Are you ready?


The first stop on your trip is Nauset Beach in the town of Orleans. This is a striking beach to walk and see the relentless work of nature. The Atlantic storms batter the dunes each winter and beach erosion is a major problem here. Protection is the name of the game at Nauset not just for the dunes, but the birds nesting in the spring. Always pay close attention to erosion and bird nesting protection signs anywhere during your trip to Cape Cod.

The entrance to Nauset beach is located in East Orleans at the end of Beach Road, where there’s a large parking lot. The lot is about 2 miles from Routes 6/6A, and during the summer months you’ll pay to use it.


The National Seashore has two visitor centers. The Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham will orientate you to the park, and provides short films, a museum, and free maps for hiking and biking trails. The salt pond itself is a glacial kettle pond that was once freshwater but the ocean has seeped through. Take time to discover the easy-walking trails near the pond, and learn about the varied birds and plants the area supports.


These next two beaches are very popular and during the summer the parking lots fill up quickly. Many people use their bicycles to get to these locations - plenty of parking for bikes and the price is right - free!

Coast Guard Beach in Eastham can be reached by bike from the bike trail from the Salt Pond Visitor Center, or by car from Nauset Road off Route 6 directly after the Visitor Center. This beach is a favorite walk of mine at low tide, and was the area where Henry Beston wrote "The Outermost House." Sadly the blizzard of 1978 washed the cottage where he lived while writing the book - out to sea.

Nauset Light Beach can be reached from Brackett Road also off Route 6. Overlooking the beach is the red and white picturesque Nauset Lighthouse. Originally built in Chatham in the late 19th century, it was moved here shortly after, and moved again in 1996 when erosion of the cliff threatened to collapse the lighthouse. This beach is popular for the imposing and towering cliffs.


The Great Island hike in Wellfleet is a 6-mile hike, so allow yourself at least half-a-day to explore this wonderful area. Located on the Cape Cod Bay side of the Cape in Wellfleet, drive to the trailhead off Chequesset Neck Road, and prepare yourself -and camera - for an exhilarating hike.

This is a real nature hike. There’s no sandwich bar or coke machine waiting for you at the end, so take your own snacks and drinks. Of all the trails in the Cape Cod National Seashore Park, this is perhaps the most remote - and I like that!


The second of the visitor centers in the National Seashore Park is in Province Lands off Route 6 and on Race Point Road. This is the northern extremity of the park, and is the final stop on our brief Cape Cod National Seashore tour.

The Visitor Center has an observation deck where you can view the ocean, Province Lands forest, and the towering dunes. Province Lands is jam-packed with swimming beaches, a bike trail, a walking trail, and a beautiful lighthouse at Race Point. Take time to tour this area and enjoy this unique area of the Cape.

Cape Cod National Seashore is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in New England. But in my book it’s a great place to visit anytime of the year. If you’re prepared to explore and walk a bit you can discover your own secluded and pristine piece of Cape Cod.

How To Find The Best Caribbean Travel Package?

It’s not everyday when everything – from a good Caribbean travel package to the weather and your budget – just magically convenes into one single, perfect and fun Caribbean vacation. That stuff is for fairytale vacations, certainly not for simple, ordinary folks like you.

At the very best, you probably find a "so-so" Caribbean travel package that is slightly cheaper than the last one you checked out but has better options than that other cheap one you were considering. So you come home, work out a Caribbean travel plan and budget, and then log on to the site to book the package…only to find that the deal is already fully-booked. Just your luck.

One thing you should remember about Caribbean travel packages is that they are often offered only for very a limited period. So why wait? If you want to get that Caribbean travel package you want and get an edge over the competition, then do all that planning and budget analyzing BEFORE you search for deals.

And once you’re done with that, check out the list of Caribbean travel package resources we have compiled for you below:


TripAdvisor is a travel site that offers reviews of hotels and accommodations, food, activities, airfare, transportation, cruises, resorts, and many more from destinations worldwide. For the best deals, you can visit TripAdvisor’s SmartDeals page where you can find great Caribbean travel packages on the best hotels in the Caribbean.

For some people, last-minute bargains can be a great source of excellent travel deals. If you’re a haggler by nature, one who wants to haggle even when pressed for time, then American Express’ Last Minute Caribbean travel packages might just be what you’re looking for. The site offers current listings of their bargains and specials so check back often. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first page, there is also a search tool where you can search for bargains by destination, travel option or activity.

If cruises give you a different sort of high, then Travelocity may have the right Caribbean travel package cruise. Just check out their list of Cruise Deals, including their Biggest Sale of the Year cruises where you can book a qualified cruise and get up to $500 cash back.

Or maybe you’d like to receive a free digital camera, then go on and book one of Travelocity’s Caribbean travel packages on board any of the Celebrity or Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Other deals include:

• Free shore excursions
• $400 onboard credit and pre-paid tips
• Free oceanview upgrades
• Onboard amenities package worth $200 or more
• Free round-trip airfare

Another great source of Caribbean travel package cruise tours is Cruises-n-More. Offerings are updated daily so be sure to check their inventory of Caribbean travel packages often to get the latest offerings from them. The site even allows you to choose a cruise that is close to your home or choose one by destination, month, cruise length, and cruise line. At Cruises-n-More, everything is right at your fingertips.

Why You Should Cruise To Europe ?

On a transatlantic cruise, time slows and you feel like a traveller half a century ago before the introduction of jet travel made crossing the Atlantic a hurried, mundane experience. Besides the standard repositioning cruise, a transatlantic trip can be part of a world cruise, and these cruise trip itineraries offer a truly epic adventure.

For people who love to cruise, a transatlantic cruise brings to mind classic cruising at its heyday, with a leisurely pace of activity. Lounge on deck all day and spend the evening with fine dining and dancing.

Once the mainstay of travel across the Atlantic, the Trans-Atlantic crossing has evolved from a necessity to a luxury voyage, an opportunity to recapture the golden age of cruising from the early 20th century.

The model Trans-Atlantic crossing is characterized by four or five consecutive days at sea. However, newer, and longer versions of this basic itinerary will usually offer stops at places such as Bermuda, the Azores or the Canary Islands. Some Caribbean islands or European cities may also be included near the beginning or the end of the itinerary. Longer routes can travel down the coast of Latin America before crossing over. Or else choose a northern route via Newfoundland and Iceland and see the unspoiled Scottish Isles and the Norwegian fjords. But the unique character of the traditional Trans-Atlantic cruise makes these ports short diversions from the main purpose of the voyage: the transit across the vast expanse of the Atlantic.

Cunard lines, in keeping with its 165-year-old tradition, offers more regular Trans-Atlantic sailings than any other cruise line. Cunard is known for providing classic luxury cruises. These cruises leave approximately every month and customarily take 6 nights to travel between New York City and Southampton, England.

When it was first launched by Cunard in 1969, the Queen Elizabeth 2 was the world's largest passenger ship. With the 2004 debut of the Queen Mary 2, which is twice the size of the Queen Elizabeth 2, Cunard once again holds this record. The Queen Mary 2 is the longest, tallest, largest and most expensive passenger ship built to date. The QM2 provides unprecedented luxury in amenities and accommodations. The Queen Elizabeth 2 continues to display the high standard of British elegance associated with these classic ships. In 2007, the Queen Victoria, the second largest ship in the world, will join the fleet. Carnival Corporation acquired Cunard Line from the Norwegian Kvaerner group in 1998.

For most cruise lines, Trans-Atlantic cruises are only offered as a seasonal repositioning between the Caribbean and Europe. Commonly at the end of April or in early May, ships finish the winter season in the Caribbean make an eastbound crossing to begin a series of European cruises during the summer. At the end of the European summer season, in September or October, the ships return westbound to the warm waters of the Caribbean for the winter. Most major cruise lines such as Celebrity, Holland America, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean International have biannual 10-16 night trans-Atlantic itineraries.

Eastbound Trans-Atlantic crossings often sail from Boston, New York, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and a few Caribbean ports. Westbound ships often depart from Dover or Southampton, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome and other major European ports. The ship can then travel through different ports on its way to America.

There is plenty to keep travellers busy on the trans-Atlantic passage. In response to passengers' desire for activity many cruise lines take advantage of the opportunity to offer special interest cruises such as Swing Dance, Big Band music, or wine and culinary themes. These events may be hosted by a well-known author, chef or celebrity for additional appeal. Educational programs such as art classes or computer learning may be provided, and dances and dinners on the ship will be organized to provide guests with plenty of opportunities for socializing. The extra time to relax is can also be used to take full advantage of the shipboard spa. And of course, the trans-Atlantic crossing is always the perfect time to catch up on the latest novel.