Most weird travel requests

From asking a consulate Prince Charles' shoe size, to why ruined castles are designed, tourists are bobbing up with the foremost zany travel queries

Sure, travel arouses excitement, curiosity even however this one borders on the wacky. Recently, a news web site mentioned that The British consulate has revealed, travellers have created {a variety|variety} of weird requests like requesting the phonephone number of Phil Collins and Prince Charles' shoe size. a person rang the consulate in Sydney to raise what garments he ought to pack for his vacation, whereas another in Sofia, Bulgaria, needed the consulate to sell his house for him, a news major reported.

It's weirdville alright! 
Artist Seema Narayan reveals a couple of fun anecdotes from her last year's Scotland vacation along with her husband. "We were a travel cluster of concerning twenty and every day somebody would come back up with one thing weird to raise the travel co-coordinator. One day, there was this young girl who asked if Nessie (the fabled lake monster) was ever fed, and if so, very created us laugh," she says.

Advertising government Ramila Sharma conjointly includes a howler to share. "I had gone to UK for a piece trip and took a sightseeing tour too. and that i was thus amazed when somebody piped up, 'why do they build such a lot of ruined castles and abbeys in England'; i am unable to stop laughing once I consider it," he grins.

While a person is alleged to possess known as the consulate in Florida to report that there have been ants in his vacation villa and asked for recommendation on what he ought to do, Indian travel company coordinator Nisha Phillip remembers one that she heard right here on home turf. "I was accompanying this cluster of women on a coastal sojourn and one amongst them, asked me, 'so that beach is closest to the ocean in India'? i used to be too flabbergasted to reply and then realised she was a simpleton," she smiles.

The right inquiries to ask:
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