Devin Castle Slovakia

Do you wish to know the mythical castle where Jules Verne set his novel " The Castle in the Carpathians "We invite you to visit on this occasion, the ruins of a fortress where you can see the River Danube and Moravia found in a landscape that drew up at the same Napoleon.
The Devin Castle is located in the region of Devin in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic. He is currently working on it, part of the museum of the city that develops exhibitions in various parts of the area.

Its strategic position at 212m in height, gives the visitor, from one of his most beautiful towers - a magnificent panoramic view of the confluence of the rivers Moravia and Danube, as well as part of the Austrian territory.

Formerly, this location-coupled with the height at which he was-he gave the castle, the essential characteristics for an eminent strength.

The view from this point, allowed its successive occupants, control the main trade routes and military steps. These were established mainly along the Danube from ancient times.

In fact, the area has been inhabited since found prehistory and also have passed through it, Celts and Romans, and even the very Napoleon, who in 1809 destroyed much of the castle. The Romans, have given the complex, one of the most ancient Christian churches in Slovakia.

Today we can see the ruins at the base of the castle.

His story
Its foundation is given in the eighth century, and their participation was definitive in wars held between Moravia and France . It began as a strong call Dowina (girl in old Slavic language) and in subsequent years was expanded and renovated into a stone castle, before the thirteenth century.

The medieval castle stone was built with the aim of defending the western border of the Kingdom of Hungary and in the year 1320, was baptized under the name "Devin Castelanus." XVth century, enriched it with the addition of a palace.

Jules Verne and other stories
As I mentioned above lines, it is said, Devin has inspired the famous writer Jules Verne. The castle that Verne describes in his novel "The Castle in the Carpathians", takes its essence of this quote, although in outline, the story is located in Transylvania.

Some days in Ireland for Christmas

Day 26 is St. Stephen: young people noisily parade procession.
New Year's Eve the house is cleaned thoroughly as a good omen.
The day is celebrated January 6 Nollaig na mBan, a tradition that men are responsible for cooking and other preparations.

Ireland is an ideal destination to enjoy Christmas. His landscapes, legends, myths and history and, above all, their culture, who knows seamlessly combine the best of yesterday and today . Their traditions are mostly Catholic, as is the country, but always with the peculiarities of Irish idiosyncrasy. For the Christmas market of '12 Days of Christmas' One of the most unique traditions of the Irish Christmas decorations is the placement of a candle at the entrance or in some of the windows of the house. The candle is lit by the youngest of the house on Christmas Eve and it is a symbol to welcome the Holy Family and may only be extinguished by a girl or woman named Mary.   Christmas markets always occupy a special place in the events that make up the celebrations of this time in Ireland . Dublin is very popular '12 Days of Christmas', a Christmas market that takes place in the Docklands .

St. Stephen Festival
On December 26, the day of St. Stephen, is one of the most deep-rooted festivals of Ireland . During this day we celebrate the Wren Boys throughout all of Ireland but especially in the small town of Dingle in County Kerry. In St.Stephen youth, dressed in masks and suits, are asking for money Young people come to Street outlandishly loud clothes and parade in procession. Are usually dressed in masks and suits asking for money and singing their traditional songs, and anyone who gives them that gift, he was given a pen full of good luck . On this day also celebrated two important events related to riding , as St . Stephens was the patron saint of horses: in Dublin , Leopardstown Christmas Racing Festival and The Limerick Racing Festival, both from the 26th until December 29th. The New Year's Eve, December 31 , it is customary to clean house in Ireland thoroughly as a good omen and good luck in the coming year. They fill the house and winery supplies of firewood for the night of 31 with the hope that the new year is just as plentiful.

Eating and drinking
The day is celebrated January 6 Nollaig na mBan , a tradition that the men of the house is responsible for the day of cooking and other preparations for women to rest and not worry about anything. As meals, most typically on the night of Christmas Eve is taken as a dessert plum pudding , steamed sweet made an elaborate sauce served with cognac and butter and enjoy Christmas dinner duck, goose or pheasant stuffed with potatoes and apple sauce and typical foot mince (mince pies). All can be accompanied by mulled wine , a sort of hot red wine is added spice and cinnamon.

Florida wants to be the destination for Nude European Tourists

Pasco County is a classic nude in the U.S. for over 70 years.
They estimate that there could be 19 million European nudists.
The municipality of Florida will spend public money on an advertising campaign in France, Germany, Holland and Britain.

Nudity is also a way of tourism and its "practitioners" can be an object of desire of many tourist areas. A town of Florida , with nudist beaches for nearly 70 years , it is clear, and now you want to attract European nudists.

For over 70 years
The Pasco County , in western Florida this week agreed to invest public funds to promote itself as a destination for nudists, an initiative that aims to promote European tourism in the area. Looking for European tourists in low season: July and August this municipality is the United States with the highest offer in this regard , but until now never had happened spend taxpayer money to advertise this aspect. The town granted public funds to the Association for the Development of Pasco Area Naturist, which responsible for trying to attract Europeans interested in nudism in this area of Florida . According to the daily Tampa Tribune , the campaign seeks to promote the influx of European tourists during the hot months of July and August , which in this state are considered low season . Those months, the ambitious tourist complex built for visitors nudists have a very low occupancy.

19 million potential visitors
Advertising Pasco County nudist destined will focus on France, Germany, Holland and Britain . There, they estimate, more than 19 million practicing nudist. In summer there is what tourists "We have multiple complex next to each other, but in summer vacations we do not have are tourists . We were told that we built and would come But the fact is that we have built and the tourists do not know it, "said the president of the association, Paul Brenot, the television channel ABC News .

Fuerteventura is committed to its volcanoes as tourist

The council will include volcanoes in the island to offer visitors.
They're going to put trails in volcanic areas of interest and create bird observatories and landscapes.
The project will maintain its seal of Biosphere Reserve.

The Canary Islands are a sun and beach destination, a place of rest. But reducing the attractiveness of the islands only to that would be grossly unfair. The peculiar nature of Canary makes these unique islands. Its geography, its landscapes are of incomparable beauty. Part of that different natural assets are its volcanoes . Lanzarote has long been showing its underground treasures, El Hierro has begun to take advantage of its recent seismic events, and now Fuerteventura also wants to "sell" their volcanoes.

A volcanic experience
The project 'Canary volcanic experience' diversify the range of leisure and open new business opportunities and employment associated with the concept of sustainable tourism. The background paper, the catalog of volcanoes on the island is now a reality. in value is placed inside the island and its sea The project, which will give value to the inland sea, serve to maintain the seal Biosphere Reserve . 'Canary volcanic experience' is divided into three installments (2011-2013) and has a budget of 766,667 euros to cover by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura (31%), the Canary Islands Government (31 %), Turespaña (31% and the Association of Hotel and Tourism Fuerteventura (7%). Once developed the technical study and inventory of resources volcano of Fuerteventura, is now entering its second phase.

Bringing tourism volcanoes
In 2012 is planned to develop various activities such as fitness trails in volcanic areas of interest (in 2011 and these works were undertaken in Tindaya, Pico de la Zarza and Gairia boiler) , these signaling pathways (the pathways and the specific geological transit), building observatories (of birds and landscapes), training of guides and tour operators in the product 'volcanoes', promotion of this product in tourist areas (hotels, airport, port, museums ...) and development of material specific media promotion. In short, as the president of the Association of Hotel and Tourism Fuerteventura, Antonio Ant, "is very interesting that the tourist is alternative to the sun and the beach .

Easter Island myth and reality of a culture

Rapa Nui is considered the largest outdoor museum in the world.
The island has played host cultures as the Inca or the Maya.
There are over 900 of its famous megalithic statues called Moai.

Easter Island , called by its inhabitants Rapa Nui or Te Pito Te Henua is the most remote inhabited island in the world. It developed a more complex cultures, comparable only with great megalithic cultures (Egyptian, Inca, Maya) - in extreme isolation. Myth and reality are confused in this area that gave rise to a unique culture, which makes Rapa Nui a valuable archaeological treasure that crosses the borders of Chile .

Rapanui and Spanish
Rapa Nui is the name of the ethnic group inhabiting the Easter Island . This name was later extended to Aboriginal people for their language and the island they inhabit. Moai and Ahu decorate the entire coastline Currently Spanish is the official language of the island, although the rapanui is protected by law, from the approval in Chile in 1990 of the 'Indian Act. " Rapa Nui National Park was designated by UNESCO in 1995 as a World Heritage Site . Easter Island is considered the largest outdoor museum in the world.

Moai and Ahu
The megalithic landscape surprises with its religio-political centers dedicated to the spirits of the ancestors, who were deified and represented in statues megalithic or Moai . More than 900 270 Moai and Ahu or altars, decorate the entire coastline and part of the land as sacred interiors. In terms of existing islets against the cliff of Rano Kau and Kari Kari , are protected as a Nature Sanctuary since 1976.

Krakow Spiritual Capital of Poland

Its old town is one of the most beautiful in the world.
Nowa Huta allows us to know what life was like in the years of communism.
The Wieliczka Salt Mine, the first registered World Heritage List, are a maze of 300 kilometers underground.

Krakow, with its 700,000 inhabitants, is perhaps the Polish city more European feeling. The so-called "Slavic Rome" is a true "crossroads." Located close to the Czech and Slovak borders, was a vital location on trade routes in Europe. Today, Warsaw will be the official capital of Poland, but Krakow is its spiritual capital. The beauty of this city watered by the Vistula River is palpable in its historic center, in 1978 declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO . It is claimed that this old "almond", chaired by the imposing Market Square, is one of the most beautiful old towns in the world (which was saved from the bombing of the World War II).

The Jewish quarter of 'Schindler's List'
Whatever the chosen door, the most spectacular is that of St. Florian, the old protective wall safe and Krakow, the road leads to the Plaza del Mercado ("Rynek Glowny"). Then, the largest square of medieval Europe , which has preserved its positions Cloth Lonja, the tower of City Hall, the churches of St. Mary and St. Adalbert, mansions and houses that surround this unique stage of Poland . Since 1978 , its old town is a World Heritage Site must walk along the Camino Real in the direction of the Barbican, which was part of the defensive wall, stopping before in "The Michalik burrow." This cabaret of the late nineteenth century is still a meeting place for tourists and Cracow. Nearby is the most important paintings saved Krakow: "Lady with an Ermine", the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci (who recently went through Madrid), exhibited at the Museum of the Czartoryski The Kazimierz district, which portrayed in the list Schindler Steven Spielberg , is currently a "Soho" Polish bars and restaurants that "coexist" with the old Jewish synagogues. In fact, just as the Jewish population is not in this neighborhood or the city are only 80 people surveyed.

Life in Communist Poland
The Wawel Hill is the great symbol of royal power . This hill, dominated by the Cathedral, is the site of coronations and where lie the tombs of Polish kings. There are 17 other beautiful churches in the old city, interest in their appearance or their ornate interiors. You can drive a car 60 to visit a working home the outskirts of Krakow, Nowa Huta offers us an unusual shock. The former industrial area built around the Tadeusz Sendzimir Metallurgical industrial complex, allows us to dive into the architecture of socialist realism after the Great War. You can even see the cars "Trabant" (the popular "soap" in the years 60) visiting a working house and the neighborhood that once presided over a six-meter statue honoring Lenin. More classic, but no less striking is the visit to the Wieliczka Salt Mine , recorded in the first list of UNESCO as "World Heritage". In this maze of underground chambers and 300 kilometers of galleries walk only 3,500 meters, at a depth between 64 and 135 meters, but the 22 chambers of the mine founded in the thirteenth century visitors jaw-dropping.

Hotel on Wheels at the circus

The Circus has a wagon Raluy conditioning and accommodation.
Guests can participate in the trials of the show.
The company will remain in Barcelona until Jan. 9.

Who has not dreamed of enrolling in a circus? is likely that children today do not, but the last few decades accounts seemed very attractive plan. Well, who ever had that desire can be fulfilled now for a few days. The Circus Raluy offers the possibility to sleep in what its leaders say is a 'hotel on wheels' . This is a caravan of 1939 has been completely restored and equipped to accommodate guests. The wagon has the usual amenities of a hotel : room with double bed, living room with television, another room with two beds, bathroom heating and air conditioning and minibar. The price is 200 euros per day in double room 50 euros per bed. But the most attractive of this unique initiative is the opportunity to participate in the daily life of a classical circus. Guests have free entrance to the functions and , optionally, can participate in the daily activities of the company, including testing, public reception, and so on. "Almost always act in Catalonia and many people from other parts of Europe who come from afar to see us, so we decided to offer accommodation. Furthermore, these people are usually very fond of the circus, so if you want, we will show what happens between racks, "said William Giribaldi, one of the components Raluy, when the service launched, less than one year . Raluy Circus is currently in Barcelona to present her new show, 'The acrobats', which remain in the Port Vell until 9 January. The show, which later will tour other cities in Catalonia and Madrid pass by in the summer of 2012 , commemorates the centenary of the birth of Louis Raluy Iglesias, veteran founder of the company.

Foreign tourism grows in Spain

Overnight stays by German tourists rose 14%.
The negative figure was contributed by residents fell by 9.3%.
The most frequent destination abroad is Balearics, the Spanish, Andalucia.

The Spanish tourism industry seems to weather the crisis successfully. The 2011 is still a good year. Spain received 5.1 million in October of foreign tourists, up 8% from a year ago. But also, there were more hotel stays and longer. Overnight stays by residents fell by 9.3% According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the overnight stays in hotels rebounded 3.2% in October from the same months of 2010 to total 24.7 million, while the average stay rose by 3.5% and stood at 3.2 nights per visitor. The overnight stays of residents stood at 8.4 million, representing a decrease 9.3% , while non-residents experienced an increase of 11.1%, reaching 16.2 million. In the full year stays rose 6.9% over the previous year.

Prices vary little

The hotels were admitted an average of 37.8 euros per available room and billed 67 euros on average per occupied room, with a decrease in prices of 0.1%. In the tenth month of the year, the occupancy rate was 52%, an increase of 2.2%, according to the INE. With regard to prices, the four communities, the Balearic Islands, Andalusia and Catalonia , which account for 64.2% of the total weight of the Hotel Price Index, had different behaviors. Balearic establishments increased their prices by 0.8% in Catalonia rose 0.8%, and the Canary Islands, 2.8%, while in Andalusia there was a decrease of 1.8%. The Autonomous Communities with the highest occupancy rate by bed during October were the Canaries, with 70.7% of the offer, Madrid, with 58.7%, and the Balearic Islands, with 57.1%.

German and British
The main markets are still Germany and the United Kingdom, which together accounted for more than 9 million overnight stays in October, with increases of 14% and 5.3% , respectively. Stood behind France, with 6.9% increase, Netherlands, with 4.4% and Italy with 3.5%. Overnight stays by German tourists rose 14% in terms of living in Spain , stressed travelers from the Community of Madrid, 20.2%, Andalusia, 16.4%, Catalonia, 15.7%, and Valencia, 9%. As a major destination for foreign travelers Balearic Islands were the chosen place, with 27.1% of overnight stays, followed by Canarias, 26.2%, and Catalonia, with 17.1%. Travelers living in Spain were the main destinations Andalusia, 17.6%, Catalonia, 13%, the Valencia, 12.5%, Madrid, 10.2%, and the Canary Islands, 8.3%.

Summer Culture festival

The leisure society, which is also the society of hustle and surface drills, which abhors downtime, idle contemplation and reflection, seems to have established the principle that culture is a matter of when not to worry you have nothing else to do . With summer on the calendar installed territories of leisure and long perspective, open before our eyes as soft parentheses studded with promises to fulfill, cultural offerings become a senior option in the menu of seasonal suggestions . Yeah, okay, these initiatives are not exclusively or almost summer as a bathing suit and flip flops, barrier creams and snack bar bleeding, but it is a matter of frowning and severe plan to get in the conglomerate mixture, make no distinction, rigor and trifles, great performances and productions to get by without too many demands. Such a vacation package may be labeled "culture of summer", a catch that will fit in a hip-hop and a review of "Antigone" in key guerracivilista a Jardiel moon light and worth the event, an exhibition of sculptures of bread crumbs. The question is do something and look out these other cultural worlds that are in this, if only for the moment, in the months of summer heat, then we'll see. Despite the fierce scratching of the crisis of culture that ship sails very worthy summer by the same sea of every summer , anchoring at festivals and making its way into the programming of the municipalities still able to spend a few pence to thing. Apart from other considerations and techniques with all the drawbacks and lack of comfort that if we want to argue picky, attend a performance at the Teatro Romano de Mérida or the Comedy Corral de Almagro , with the same starry sky that had at viewers roof for several centuries, is priceless.

Brazilian carnival

Brazil sounds tropics, football, samba, carnival to ... including emerging country. But do you sound like "festas juninas" or "lined"? Surely not. That is why the country's tourism authorities have taken to promote these two fundamental aspects of northeast Brazil. The "Festas juninas" (June Festivals) are, to say the people of Pernambuco and Paraiba (two NE States), more the too familiar fun carnival in Rio , and dancing the "forro" much better than the lambada. In fact, festas and lined closely resemble his older brothers better known internationally, but both have a touch more parochial, more rural. For starters, the festas juninas are eminently familiar, suitable for all audiences . And although it is estimated that this year the city of Caruaru and Campina Grande have gone more than two and a half million people, still have a local air that makes them unique. Family parties for young and old, traditional games such as "Piscaria" in which you try to catch fish out of their cardboard and sand sea by hooking a ring, the "donkey tail", a sort of blindman's buff in which must put the tail in place a cardboard donkey , the universal sack races ... And the food, because it always ends up in food and drink. Dancing, eating and drinking are the three objectives of the "Fest", as in all towns right?. And always in the street with the cool, because the weather in these parts, but the tropics occasionally surprised by pouring rain to be as fast as they came and dried in a seen and unseen. Lunch at the "milho" (corn), which is the king, appears here and there a thousand different ways. From the "Curau" corn-based cake and coconut milk, until the "couscous" world's largest (Guinness dixit) two thousand kilos of maize, rice and steamed tapioca, a native of Africa, not forgetting rice milk of life, led by the Portuguese. And in the midst of "gangs" extras running through the city picking up the food and drink offered at the houses , candy and "quentão" a rum with ginger. Heterogeneous groups representing different sectors of society, and trades unions, the historical characters such as "bacamarteiros" who fought in the war against Paraguay in 1864, nursery schools, to nursing homes ... but all with imaginative costumes, brilliant, full of color. And all dancing "forro" original rhythm of the region very simple and joyful, as his followers. Now he plays with all kinds of electric instruments, but in origin (and there are still groups purists) as interpreted solely based trio "Sanfona" accordion, "azambumba" (bass) and metal triangle. With the "lined" as with many things, it happens that historians do not agree with its origin. Most believe that the name derives from the English expression "for all" (for all), found written on the doors of the dance party of Pernambuco in the eighteenth century when the British were there building the railroad. But others say it comes from the African word "forrobodó", synonymous with celebration. How are you "Junin" trying to make the leap to international stardom.

Cangas de Onis travel guide

Probably the best known city (and visited) the Principality of Asturias , for its spectacular scenery, the activities you can do in the area and of course, gastronomy.

The town of Cangas de Onis is full of history and anecdotes, every corner and surroundings are of interest and is difficult to choose what to visit if you have just a couple of days. I propose the musts in this paradise of nature.

In the middle of the Picos de Europa, between Cain and Poncebos, the path of the "Ruta del Cares" through the gorge that follows the river in one of the routes most amazing mountain hiking you can do in Europe.
Known as the "Garganta Divina", path, literally carved in the rocks of the mountains, is a wonderful journey over 11 miles away from the village of Cain , in León and Poncebos, in the council ( municipality ) in Cabrales in Asturias . If you enjoy this activity climber, you can get information on page Ruta del Cares . I attached a video , you certainly want to come visit!

 To enjoy an accommodation near this route I recommend you visit Arcea Village Apartments Bridge (yes, they are called as cartoons, jiji). You can enjoy 24 hours of mountain landscapes and nature in pure state.

Lagos de Covadonga
Without doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Spain, and arguably in Europe, are the Lagos de Covadonga:

Way through the Lagos de Covadonga in the Picos de Europa, amid the mountains of Mount Auseva, comes amid a sea of green ... Covadonga, and after him, the shrine of Covadonga.

All this enclave is located in the National Park Picos de Europa , the scenery can not define with words ... judge for yourself ...

 If you need accommodation in the area of Cangas de Onis we give you the full range in a single click . One of the most visited by his charm at the Hotel Sucuevas , in nature, if you prefer to stay in touch with the nauturaleza but with great detail the Cepada 4 * Hotel is your accommodation.

Hotel Sucuevas

Hotel La Cepada

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Kingfisher Airlines in Crisis

Great as is the India territorially is common to find different airlines of confidence in the Asian nation, let's just one of these specific cases that of Kingfisher Airlines, Which has operated since 2003, recognized for its advertising slogan "Fly the Good Times" both locally and internationally. To give an idea of the importance that hasKingfisher Airlines  bear in mind that it becomes one of the exclusive six airlines worldwide five-star rated by Skytrax, a merit that has been the pride of the company.

The airline has its headquarters in the city of Bombay, being itself part of the company's United Breweries Group, with the main international airport in Bangalore, taking three more secondary character in the cities of Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta. It has about 71 destinations, of which about 63 are responsible for going through the regions of India and the remaining 8 are related to other destinations in Asia and Europe . Is planned for next year may already be part of the alliance OneWorld, which will mean a greater number of routes of travel to be able to provide. Its fleet currently amounts to about 45 aircraft .