Fuerteventura is committed to its volcanoes as tourist

The council will include volcanoes in the island to offer visitors.
They're going to put trails in volcanic areas of interest and create bird observatories and landscapes.
The project will maintain its seal of Biosphere Reserve.

The Canary Islands are a sun and beach destination, a place of rest. But reducing the attractiveness of the islands only to that would be grossly unfair. The peculiar nature of Canary makes these unique islands. Its geography, its landscapes are of incomparable beauty. Part of that different natural assets are its volcanoes . Lanzarote has long been showing its underground treasures, El Hierro has begun to take advantage of its recent seismic events, and now Fuerteventura also wants to "sell" their volcanoes.

A volcanic experience
The project 'Canary volcanic experience' diversify the range of leisure and open new business opportunities and employment associated with the concept of sustainable tourism. The background paper, the catalog of volcanoes on the island is now a reality. in value is placed inside the island and its sea The project, which will give value to the inland sea, serve to maintain the seal Biosphere Reserve . 'Canary volcanic experience' is divided into three installments (2011-2013) and has a budget of 766,667 euros to cover by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura (31%), the Canary Islands Government (31 %), TurespaƱa (31% and the Association of Hotel and Tourism Fuerteventura (7%). Once developed the technical study and inventory of resources volcano of Fuerteventura, is now entering its second phase.

Bringing tourism volcanoes
In 2012 is planned to develop various activities such as fitness trails in volcanic areas of interest (in 2011 and these works were undertaken in Tindaya, Pico de la Zarza and Gairia boiler) , these signaling pathways (the pathways and the specific geological transit), building observatories (of birds and landscapes), training of guides and tour operators in the product 'volcanoes', promotion of this product in tourist areas (hotels, airport, port, museums ...) and development of material specific media promotion. In short, as the president of the Association of Hotel and Tourism Fuerteventura, Antonio Ant, "is very interesting that the tourist is alternative to the sun and the beach .


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