Florida wants to be the destination for Nude European Tourists

Pasco County is a classic nude in the U.S. for over 70 years.
They estimate that there could be 19 million European nudists.
The municipality of Florida will spend public money on an advertising campaign in France, Germany, Holland and Britain.

Nudity is also a way of tourism and its "practitioners" can be an object of desire of many tourist areas. A town of Florida , with nudist beaches for nearly 70 years , it is clear, and now you want to attract European nudists.

For over 70 years
The Pasco County , in western Florida this week agreed to invest public funds to promote itself as a destination for nudists, an initiative that aims to promote European tourism in the area. Looking for European tourists in low season: July and August this municipality is the United States with the highest offer in this regard , but until now never had happened spend taxpayer money to advertise this aspect. The town granted public funds to the Association for the Development of Pasco Area Naturist, which responsible for trying to attract Europeans interested in nudism in this area of Florida . According to the daily Tampa Tribune , the campaign seeks to promote the influx of European tourists during the hot months of July and August , which in this state are considered low season . Those months, the ambitious tourist complex built for visitors nudists have a very low occupancy.

19 million potential visitors
Advertising Pasco County nudist destined will focus on France, Germany, Holland and Britain . There, they estimate, more than 19 million practicing nudist. In summer there is what tourists "We have multiple complex next to each other, but in summer vacations we do not have are tourists . We were told that we built and would come But the fact is that we have built and the tourists do not know it, "said the president of the association, Paul Brenot, the television channel ABC News .


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