Some days in Ireland for Christmas

Day 26 is St. Stephen: young people noisily parade procession.
New Year's Eve the house is cleaned thoroughly as a good omen.
The day is celebrated January 6 Nollaig na mBan, a tradition that men are responsible for cooking and other preparations.

Ireland is an ideal destination to enjoy Christmas. His landscapes, legends, myths and history and, above all, their culture, who knows seamlessly combine the best of yesterday and today . Their traditions are mostly Catholic, as is the country, but always with the peculiarities of Irish idiosyncrasy. For the Christmas market of '12 Days of Christmas' One of the most unique traditions of the Irish Christmas decorations is the placement of a candle at the entrance or in some of the windows of the house. The candle is lit by the youngest of the house on Christmas Eve and it is a symbol to welcome the Holy Family and may only be extinguished by a girl or woman named Mary.   Christmas markets always occupy a special place in the events that make up the celebrations of this time in Ireland . Dublin is very popular '12 Days of Christmas', a Christmas market that takes place in the Docklands .

St. Stephen Festival
On December 26, the day of St. Stephen, is one of the most deep-rooted festivals of Ireland . During this day we celebrate the Wren Boys throughout all of Ireland but especially in the small town of Dingle in County Kerry. In St.Stephen youth, dressed in masks and suits, are asking for money Young people come to Street outlandishly loud clothes and parade in procession. Are usually dressed in masks and suits asking for money and singing their traditional songs, and anyone who gives them that gift, he was given a pen full of good luck . On this day also celebrated two important events related to riding , as St . Stephens was the patron saint of horses: in Dublin , Leopardstown Christmas Racing Festival and The Limerick Racing Festival, both from the 26th until December 29th. The New Year's Eve, December 31 , it is customary to clean house in Ireland thoroughly as a good omen and good luck in the coming year. They fill the house and winery supplies of firewood for the night of 31 with the hope that the new year is just as plentiful.

Eating and drinking
The day is celebrated January 6 Nollaig na mBan , a tradition that the men of the house is responsible for the day of cooking and other preparations for women to rest and not worry about anything. As meals, most typically on the night of Christmas Eve is taken as a dessert plum pudding , steamed sweet made an elaborate sauce served with cognac and butter and enjoy Christmas dinner duck, goose or pheasant stuffed with potatoes and apple sauce and typical foot mince (mince pies). All can be accompanied by mulled wine , a sort of hot red wine is added spice and cinnamon.


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