Summer Culture festival

The leisure society, which is also the society of hustle and surface drills, which abhors downtime, idle contemplation and reflection, seems to have established the principle that culture is a matter of when not to worry you have nothing else to do . With summer on the calendar installed territories of leisure and long perspective, open before our eyes as soft parentheses studded with promises to fulfill, cultural offerings become a senior option in the menu of seasonal suggestions . Yeah, okay, these initiatives are not exclusively or almost summer as a bathing suit and flip flops, barrier creams and snack bar bleeding, but it is a matter of frowning and severe plan to get in the conglomerate mixture, make no distinction, rigor and trifles, great performances and productions to get by without too many demands. Such a vacation package may be labeled "culture of summer", a catch that will fit in a hip-hop and a review of "Antigone" in key guerracivilista a Jardiel moon light and worth the event, an exhibition of sculptures of bread crumbs. The question is do something and look out these other cultural worlds that are in this, if only for the moment, in the months of summer heat, then we'll see. Despite the fierce scratching of the crisis of culture that ship sails very worthy summer by the same sea of every summer , anchoring at festivals and making its way into the programming of the municipalities still able to spend a few pence to thing. Apart from other considerations and techniques with all the drawbacks and lack of comfort that if we want to argue picky, attend a performance at the Teatro Romano de Mérida or the Comedy Corral de Almagro , with the same starry sky that had at viewers roof for several centuries, is priceless.


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