Foreign tourism grows in Spain

Overnight stays by German tourists rose 14%.
The negative figure was contributed by residents fell by 9.3%.
The most frequent destination abroad is Balearics, the Spanish, Andalucia.

The Spanish tourism industry seems to weather the crisis successfully. The 2011 is still a good year. Spain received 5.1 million in October of foreign tourists, up 8% from a year ago. But also, there were more hotel stays and longer. Overnight stays by residents fell by 9.3% According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), the overnight stays in hotels rebounded 3.2% in October from the same months of 2010 to total 24.7 million, while the average stay rose by 3.5% and stood at 3.2 nights per visitor. The overnight stays of residents stood at 8.4 million, representing a decrease 9.3% , while non-residents experienced an increase of 11.1%, reaching 16.2 million. In the full year stays rose 6.9% over the previous year.

Prices vary little

The hotels were admitted an average of 37.8 euros per available room and billed 67 euros on average per occupied room, with a decrease in prices of 0.1%. In the tenth month of the year, the occupancy rate was 52%, an increase of 2.2%, according to the INE. With regard to prices, the four communities, the Balearic Islands, Andalusia and Catalonia , which account for 64.2% of the total weight of the Hotel Price Index, had different behaviors. Balearic establishments increased their prices by 0.8% in Catalonia rose 0.8%, and the Canary Islands, 2.8%, while in Andalusia there was a decrease of 1.8%. The Autonomous Communities with the highest occupancy rate by bed during October were the Canaries, with 70.7% of the offer, Madrid, with 58.7%, and the Balearic Islands, with 57.1%.

German and British
The main markets are still Germany and the United Kingdom, which together accounted for more than 9 million overnight stays in October, with increases of 14% and 5.3% , respectively. Stood behind France, with 6.9% increase, Netherlands, with 4.4% and Italy with 3.5%. Overnight stays by German tourists rose 14% in terms of living in Spain , stressed travelers from the Community of Madrid, 20.2%, Andalusia, 16.4%, Catalonia, 15.7%, and Valencia, 9%. As a major destination for foreign travelers Balearic Islands were the chosen place, with 27.1% of overnight stays, followed by Canarias, 26.2%, and Catalonia, with 17.1%. Travelers living in Spain were the main destinations Andalusia, 17.6%, Catalonia, 13%, the Valencia, 12.5%, Madrid, 10.2%, and the Canary Islands, 8.3%.


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