Cangas de Onis travel guide

Probably the best known city (and visited) the Principality of Asturias , for its spectacular scenery, the activities you can do in the area and of course, gastronomy.

The town of Cangas de Onis is full of history and anecdotes, every corner and surroundings are of interest and is difficult to choose what to visit if you have just a couple of days. I propose the musts in this paradise of nature.

In the middle of the Picos de Europa, between Cain and Poncebos, the path of the "Ruta del Cares" through the gorge that follows the river in one of the routes most amazing mountain hiking you can do in Europe.
Known as the "Garganta Divina", path, literally carved in the rocks of the mountains, is a wonderful journey over 11 miles away from the village of Cain , in León and Poncebos, in the council ( municipality ) in Cabrales in Asturias . If you enjoy this activity climber, you can get information on page Ruta del Cares . I attached a video , you certainly want to come visit!

 To enjoy an accommodation near this route I recommend you visit Arcea Village Apartments Bridge (yes, they are called as cartoons, jiji). You can enjoy 24 hours of mountain landscapes and nature in pure state.

Lagos de Covadonga
Without doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes of Spain, and arguably in Europe, are the Lagos de Covadonga:

Way through the Lagos de Covadonga in the Picos de Europa, amid the mountains of Mount Auseva, comes amid a sea of green ... Covadonga, and after him, the shrine of Covadonga.

All this enclave is located in the National Park Picos de Europa , the scenery can not define with words ... judge for yourself ...

 If you need accommodation in the area of Cangas de Onis we give you the full range in a single click . One of the most visited by his charm at the Hotel Sucuevas , in nature, if you prefer to stay in touch with the nauturaleza but with great detail the Cepada 4 * Hotel is your accommodation.

Hotel Sucuevas

Hotel La Cepada

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