Kingfisher Airlines in Crisis

Great as is the India territorially is common to find different airlines of confidence in the Asian nation, let's just one of these specific cases that of Kingfisher Airlines, Which has operated since 2003, recognized for its advertising slogan "Fly the Good Times" both locally and internationally. To give an idea of the importance that hasKingfisher Airlines  bear in mind that it becomes one of the exclusive six airlines worldwide five-star rated by Skytrax, a merit that has been the pride of the company.

The airline has its headquarters in the city of Bombay, being itself part of the company's United Breweries Group, with the main international airport in Bangalore, taking three more secondary character in the cities of Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta. It has about 71 destinations, of which about 63 are responsible for going through the regions of India and the remaining 8 are related to other destinations in Asia and Europe . Is planned for next year may already be part of the alliance OneWorld, which will mean a greater number of routes of travel to be able to provide. Its fleet currently amounts to about 45 aircraft .


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