Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Bodrum Turkey

If you want to see the sunken ships oldest in Europe will have to visit the Museum of Underwater Archaeology Bodrum port on the Turkish coast of the Aegean.

In its collection are thousands of objects, works of art, artifacts and wrecks of ships from different eras. Among the treasures of the fund ecuentran parts and ships of the court of Queen Nefertiti . The value of their collections has called the visit more than 300,000 visitors so far this year.

Maybe that's why the Museum of Underwater Archaeology Bodrum expand its space by adding new rooms to the 13 it already has. They consider the process from discovery to display these centuries remained sunken ships in the waters, through the necessary conservation work.

One of the key pieces of museum is the Uluburun boat , the oldest aufragio Europe with more than 3,500 years . The remains of this vessel were found in 1982 by a search engine sponge just 50 meters from the Turkish coast, opposite the fishing village of Uluburun.

The museum is located in the Bodrum Castle, built between 1406 and 1522 by the Knights of St. John. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 08 to 17 h (in summer until 19 pm) and admission costs about 4 euros.


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