Costa Rica is Green

It is the perennial color defines the landscape of this country plagued by natural parks, there are more than forty-, ecological reserves, volcanoes, rainforests and spectacular beaches. Look at this little photo shoot and you'll see here is an undisputed star: Mother Nature. That 25 percent of the territory of Costa Rica is protected, not something that happens in any other country in the world, says much of its natural potential, a paradise that its inhabitants have had the wisdom to preserve. Check the nesting of green turtles in Tortuguero National Park, walk through the dense rainforest of Manuel Antonio, consider dropping the Arenal Volcano lava from its crater located at 1633 m. high while one is immersed in the hot springs that flow at his feet, admiring the colorful quetzal in the Monteverde Reserve, to emulate the monkeys traveling suspended between the tops of the trees, diving on the beaches of Guanacaste ... Nature, course, has been very generous with this small country located in the heart of Central America and extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. After admiring it in pictures, you just have to find out.


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