Tarutao Islands of Andaman Sea

Although its small geography is hidden among the mangroves and rainforest, its banks festooned with bright solitary beaches and turquoise waters of a white coral sand so blinding that look like the perfect destination for a hidden pirate treasure. But really the most valuable are themselves, the handful of pristine islands that make up the unknown Thai territory Koh Tarutao archipelago.

Not intended to steal the beautiful attractive Phangnga Bay or even the paradise island of Phuket , the most alluring tourist destinations in the Andaman Sea. As these secret islands have chosen has been to maintain its natural charm but jealously guarded. Its beaches are beautiful and open to those who come because they do not know the custody of resorts and remain as wild and lonely, letting the calm waves rocking the Andaman. Inland, the softness of geography disappears behind the dense tropical forests . In these monkeys are the masters of their trees and their sounds elicit the island daily. The brooch southern Phangnga Bay is the island of Koh Lanta , where no more land on it and watch the scene of endless beaches is inevitable that outlines tempted to walk barefoot to check the sunny warmth of the sand. The slow pace and blue everything floods and spread of joy turned the island into a paradise backpacker. Perhaps there comes now the bohemian spirit is breathed into it. Today, despite having a good and varied tourism is not allowed the building height exceeds that of a coconut tree. This is compounded by a continuing nature intact tropical forest covering the mountain range that runs along the inside island. It also has exceptional natural spaces such as the National Park Mu Koh Lanta Marine , in the southern tip of the island, brings together a wealth of land and sea with its rainforest and mangroves along the rich coral reefs. 

The customs of its inhabitants ancestral sea gypsies Leh-Chao Thai language, as fishermen are known Muslims living for hundreds of years of wealth of the Andaman Sea fish, preserved in the village of Ban-Ou Sangka . Its rhythms and non-fishing tourist presence are the heart of living a nomadic life in the sea. While Buddhism and the Chinese roots of most of the inhabitants of Koh Lanta is breathed in the Old Town , with its wooden houses supported by piles submerged in the sea. After leaving Koh Lanta sailing south referred to some of the islands in its surroundings, a magnificent brooch Phangnga Bay. Three hours by ferry with several stops that allow a closer look at these pearls of the Andaman Sea. The journey culminates by giving access to the small universe of 51 islands that make up the Tarutao archipelago , and near the sea border with Malaysia. Here the sea seems even dream when one lands directly, since there is no pier on the island, the waves that wash Koh Lipe. So you can feel the pleasant temperature all year round it stays around 25 ยบ C. Four beaches around the flat geography of Koh Lipe. The two largest, Sunrise and Pattaya , surround the island environment in which we live barefoot in the morning to night. And not just because almost all the activities you can do are linked to the seductive waters of the Andaman, but because even the only street-marked by a lively resort with bars, restaurants, massage and craft shops and souvenir- connecting the two beaches in a fifteen minute walk is sandy. From Koh Lipe outermost islands of Tarutao National Park built in the islands of Koh Tong, Koh Rawi and Koh Ad ang are very close. Its rich submarine, considered among the best in the world, bases its protection as a national park in 1974. 

However, it does not take an experienced diver to discover its beautiful and unique coral and the colorful fish fauna hidden in nooks and crannies. The crystal clear waters make it visible from the surface of vessels in day trips take you to these islands. Just a few meters to a diving equipment snorkel to enjoy the extraordinary life of the waters of the Andaman. A paradise of coral and surprising ways fauna-hosts over 25% of the world's tropical fish - which is impossible to tire. And when this happens is as tantalizing peek shelter the white sandy beaches shaded by palm trees offering a break worthy of the most fearless pirates. In fact, the Tarutao island , from which the archipelago takes its name, was created in 1930 a penalty for confining prisoners politicians. During the Second World War, both prisoners and their warders, were cut from the mainland, engaged in the piracy of ships plying these waters. Many were the crews of sunken ships and killed until British forces ended the war was. Since then the peaceful work of the Andaman Sea fishermen and farmers were the only activities of these islands. Kho Lipe Leaving all eyes are fixed on the tiny Kho Khai by the dramatic arc of rocky coastline of white sand that is the symbol of the national park. This small island whose name means 'egg island' is the favorite part of the Andaman Sea turtles chosen to spawn. Kho Tarutao is the largest island of this protected natural area. In its 26 miles long remains a magnificent example of tropical forest is well worth the walk along the paths of its dense forest. This will find valuable part of their fauna: deer, monkeys, langurs and macaques and deer, boars and otters, and a hundred species of birds. Therefore not be left to navigate around the island features Thai boats - longtail boats - not to miss its magnificent beaches, mysterious caves and recesses of its mangroves. GUIDE Directions From Spain there are three flights a week from Thai Airways connecting to Bangkok. From here there is frequent communication with the main airports in southern Thailand: Phuket, Krabi and Hat Yai. travel between the islands is nothing better than to use the various ferry lines that connect all the islands of southern Thailand including the mainland and also Krabi and the island of Phuket. Bundhaya Speed Boat and Speed Boat & Lipehferry . 

Best season from October to May, because during the remaining months of the monsoon make it very difficult the access to the islands. Where to stay in Phuket, The Indigo Pearl , whose architecture evokes the mining past of the island a century ago. In some of the villas of Pimalai Resort & Spa in Koh Lanta, where not only is a luxury hotel, also everything around him. In The Tubkaak , an oasis of peace that has a most beautiful beach of the Andaman coast. Or in the Bundhaya Resort , Koh Lipe, an ideal base to enjoy the beach in Pattaya and the atmosphere chill out that floods every evening. Where to eat Try the authentic taste of Thai cuisine is so 'chic' in Europe that during the stay in Phuket not be dispensed to book in the Black Ginger , where Thai architecture surrounded by a lagoon and its flavors are being immersed in the pleasures of the old Siam. Do not miss in Koh Lipe, the Festival of Boat floating sea gypsies held between 13 and 15 of the crescent moons of May and October. During these three days and nights the fishermen with their songs and try to ward off bad luck rituals and invoke a promising fishing. 


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