A Day at the Ascot races

If you were unable to attend the traditional horse races to hobnob with princes, celebrities, millionaires, nobles and politicians who attended the social event and most important of Great Britain, join the other quotes, by the end of year occur in Ascot. No jeans or casual wear no shirts, no bare shoulders or backs. If you want to be present in one of the races held in the town of Ascot, 10 miles from Windsor Castle, the landmark residence of Queen Elizabeth II, refrain from going dressed like that because it is one of the essential requirements to view this site as linked to the British monarchy. With capacity for 1,650 people, beyond the sporting event you decide to sign up, this unique space is a meeting of the elegant and extravagant aristocracy of Great Britain, a whole social event to see and be seen. This image gallery shows you what happens in it.


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