Suji Sanmachi Takayama in Japan

The city of Takayama is lovely and that appeal is attributable largely to the unique neighborhood of Sanmachi Suji . Many tourists come every year to this area of Japan to stroll through its streets.

For lovers of Japanese history this area is a joy. It does not take an expert to appreciate the great value of their beautiful single family homes of wood. Some are preserved almost intact since the Edo Period .

It is a small, pedestrian neighborhood, so it is easily walkable. Among its main attractions are four museums, two merchants' houses, street markets and the fantastic morning bridges across the Miyagawa .

If you have wanted to pay for the tickets of museums and houses of merchants will understand much better what was the lifestyle of this charming city of the prefecture of Gifu .

However, what gives so much life to this neighborhood are the shops and souvenir stalls. There are many great craft items, but what I liked most were the numerous distilleries sake of the old quarter of Takayama.

I will highly recommend this tour by Suji Sanmachi Takayama in Japan , during the day with the bustle of people, and at night, where the streets are empty and only hear the sound of rustling trees and old houses of wood.


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